In the bathroom, you need plenty of even, shadow-free lighting for shaving, grooming and applying make-up.  However, did  you know that the bathroom is the  most decorated area in the home per square foot?! Thus, it is key to look at the other materials in the bath and think about the style you want to project.

Unless the bath is very large, light the functional areas first and then fill in with additional general lighting only if and where needed.  

At the mirror.  The lighting at the mirror should play evenly over one's face without shadows.  To achieve this, diffused light should come from above, below and bothsides. Long, well diffused fixtures, directing light from the side, provide the best quality of light. A pair of softly diffused pendants is better than a single short bracket over the mirror. Use a light colored, reflective vanity top to bounce light up under the chin.  

Control brightness to prevent glare. Remember, your customer comes within 12-18 inches of the mirror!    

Lights  mounted on either side of the mirror should be at least 28 inches apart and centered 60 inches above the floor.  The longer the fixtures, the better the lighting will be.  Fixtures mounted over the mirror should be long enough (at least 36 inches) to light both sides of one's face.  They should be mounted at 78 inches above the floor.  If there are multiple sinks, place lights around or over each one.  

Avoid the uncomfotable bare bulb strips!  Use well shielded incndescnet or flourescent fixtures.